Blog Origination…


Welcome to ChezRepublic. This blog was created:

Of the People. By the People. For the People.



1. Chez:/SHā/ preposition, French “at the home of”

2. Chez:/CHez/ noun, informal, English “short for ‘Chesley'”



1. Republic: /rəˈpəblik/ noun, “state in which supreme power rests in the people via elected representatives”

2. Republic: /rəˈpəblik/ noun, informal, “what America used to be before ‘we the people’ became brain dead and strictly consumer-driven”

Growing up, I envisioned America as a type of “utopia.” What a tremendous place to make your dreams come true if you work hard, trust in yourself, focus and persist! There’s no place on earth like America…All the positive aside–let’s cut to the chase:

WTF is happening in this country?

1. When did Americans become so useless, lazy and apathetic?
2. Why are people afraid to speak their minds?
3. When did we become so arrogant and wasteful as a society?
4. Why this preoccupation with being politically correct?
5. Since when did the word “compassion” overtake principle?
6. What happened to objectivity?
7. Can we please resurrect good old-fasioned common sense?
8. Why can’t we live more healthful, mindful lives?

The list goes on. Tragic.

A former journalist, I’m curious by nature. ChezRepublic is a compilation of thoughts and commentary to spark the thought process…Huhhhh? “Thought process? What the hell is that!??” I’ve noticed that people have a tough time “thinking” these days. (Which explains a lot): A person has to think in order to learn, live, laugh, express and evolve. Granted, the key is knowing when to stop thinking and start taking action.

A few of my favorite things: Fitness. Sports. Health. Relationships. Politics. Pop Culture. People. Laughter. Current Events. Etcetera. If nothing strikes your fancy, then we’re collectively out of luck. (No harm. No foul. Moving right along). Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.

“We the people” must get with the program. Awareness is key. Action is imperative.

Here’s to rebuilding a solid America,

Chesley J. Dohl

AKA: Chez

7 thoughts on “Blog Origination…

  1. I always love to read about what you write! And now I’m happy to say that I am following the “ChezRepublic”! Write on my friend!

    • Thank you, JP. This blogging thing keeps me out of trouble (and always thinking). I find it healthy and “cathartic” in a sense. When I’m President, I will mandate that everyone who wants to be a US Citizen will have to keep a blog and submit a daily post…HAHA! (You can certainly track where a person’s mind is with these things)!! 😉 Thanks for reading.

      • Yeppers – I get ya. This blogging thing has been a great source of healing for me.I enjoy reading what the world has to say and I have made some great blogbuddies, as well.

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