Consider Trading Your Next Text for a Heartfelt Hug…

computersβ€œI fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.

The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Albert Einstein

It’s debatable whether this is truly an Einstein quote. Regardless, it’s still timely and relative. Technology is truly an amazing thing. That said, even amazing things come with their own set of issues.

Don’t get me wrong, a text, a social media “shout out”,Β  or an email message are all gestures of wonderful, thoughtful communication. But nothing is more important than human connection and human interaction–face to face–in person. When you connect with someone in “real life and real time” energy is transferred. Love is felt. Gentleness is relayed. Chemistry is electric. Anger is observed. Jealousy is witnessed. Insecurities perceived…Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. The raw exchange of emotion is imperative for humans to grasp the realness and the “passion” that is a very key element of everyday life.

Youth, ages 10-21 might be at the greatest loss with regard to the importance of human connection. Parents and children for the past couple of decades have relied heavily on technology for communication and entertainment. It only takes a simple text to stay late at the office or an after-school event. Heavy travel schedules can more easily be accommodated with the ease of text, phone, “Face Time” and email. Relationships undoubtedly take a beating when a simple text can be fired-away from one room to another–rather than one party getting up to relay a message to his/her spouse living under the same roof… Convenient? Yes. But, convenience must never over-ride the necessary, dire importance of the personal touch and direct, human interaction. Absolutely nothing can take the place of holding your love’s hand. Looking into your child’s eyes. Telling someone–in person–how much they mean to you. And, although we enjoy the positive parts of interaction, we must also grapple with the realities of failed communication, anger, sadness and personal shortcomings in relationships. By our very nature and spirit, we humans require interaction, warmth, direction, and gentleness to live healthy lives.

Through the years, it has become overtly obvious and acceptable to harness technology to our own, selfish, individualized advantage. Technology gives the “fake” living among us (those absent ofΒ  true emotion and passion in life and relationship) an avenue to communicate an entirely different persona in private and public. With the use of strategically placed texts, a relationship is nothing more than a trivial, hollow “facade”–two people merely going through the motions…on the way to virtually nowhere.

We are at a juncture in time when technology is truly on the verge of surpassing the all important power of human interaction. With this in mind, consider trading your next text or email for a heartfelt hug and a glowing smile.